onetrueslayer said: yeah it’s pretty good. one tree hill is my favorite show ever and i would def recommend that. but i cant remember if you’ve watched it before or not.

I have not watched OTH yet. I’ve heard good things and some of my favorite blogs are big fans. Is it on instant? If so maybe that will be my next show.


Tina is my spirit animal

onetrueslayer said: hmmm have you watched friday night lights?

I actually did start the pilot last year but didn’t even finish it because I wasn’t feeling it. I should give it a better chance.

onetrueslayer answered: have you watched nikita before? it’s only 4 seasons, but they knew 4 would be the last so it got an ending. & it reminds me of chuck in ways

I have not watched Nikita. That might be a good idea. But I feel like I need a change for my next show because I watched Alias and then Chuck so I’m looking for a non-spy show for my next watch but I’ll definitely keep it in mind for later.

Suggestions Needed.

Life without Chuck is awful. I need a new show and it must be on netflix.

tumblr, save me?

Never going back to regular polish. Any one want my polish collection?

Winona Ryder for Red Magazine April 2014 ph. Max Abadian

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