DID YA’LL FORGET CUZ I DIDN’T! #wwchicagocc #chicagocc #btvs #ats #angel

I killed Angel! Do you even remember that? I would have given up everything I had to be with? I loved him more than I will ever love anything in this life.

But you’re… you’re just a girl.
That’s what I keep saying.

Must. Buy. Body. Positive.

Its settled. I’m quitting life to photograph cats. #tbt (model bish, Beanie) ✌😻

I ended up going with Hart of Dixie.

I tried Shameless first but it was UK so I was like Nah.
Then Greek, I wasn’t feeling it by the time the title card popped up.
Then I went to Hart of Dixie because I was looking for something light to help with my OTH withdraw and it is pretty good, minus some country music.

Which should I watch next?

  1. Shameless
  2. Hart of Dixie
  3. Luther
  4. Greek
  5. Nikita


Need a new show to watch, stat.